Northern Virginia Real Estate Law

Commercial and residential real estate representation

Cyron & Miller law firm works with you on the legal details of your real estate transaction. Whether you are buying a new home or a commercial property, their attorneys have the experience to successfully advocate for your best interests.

Preparing for your purchase of property

The real estate lawyers at Cyron & Miller thoroughly review the contract of sale in advance of your settlement date. They advise you of many important items that your contract should contain:

  • Financing contingency
  • Status of appliances and fixtures
  • Division of closing costs
  • Condition of property

Your Cyron & Miller attorney will also research the property and recommend property inspections that may be advisable:

  • Termites
  • Wells
  • Radon
  • Septic systems

If you are purchasing a commercial property, your lawyer will make you aware of additional matters that require investigation:

  • Land use inspection
  • Appropriate zoning
  • Environmental impact study
  • Easement analysis

Cyron & Miller law firm is your partner throughout your residential real estate purchase or your commercial real estate transaction.

Title insurance

Many lenders require you to purchase title insurance. Cyron & Miller helps you understand how your insurance plan protects you from problematic title issues:

  • Surveying errors
  • Fraud
  • Clerical mistakes
  • Forgery

When a title dispute arises, you need the firm's negotiating skill to ensure that you receive the proper coverage under your title insurance policy.

Real estate litigation

After your initial transaction is complete, Cyron & Miller continues to represent you in any conflicts that arise regarding your property:

  • Boundary disputes
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Chain of title issues
  • Warranty claims

When these real estate disputes cannot be resolved through negotiation, the firm litigates on your behalf.

Hire Northern Virginia lawyers who understand real estate law

Cyron & Miller has a thorough knowledge of real estate transactions and litigation. If you are preparing to make a purchase, considering a sale, or have a legal conflict regarding your property, contact Cyron & Miller LLP to schedule a free 30 minute consultation

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